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Chiropractic Care Sunnybank Hills

Chiropractic Care

Holistic approach

Health is a state where the body is in balance (or homeostasis). Diseases (Dis-eases) arise when the body is out of balance (or homeostasis). In life, many factors can lead to diseases and result in pain. They include:

  • Trauma or injury
  • Repetitive movements
  • Sustained (poor) posture
  • Emotional stress
  • Degeneration … etc.

When the musculoskeletal system is out of balance, the normal functions of muscles and joints can be compromised, leading to movement restriction and symptoms such as pain, numbness or weakness.

The most common misconception in treatment is targeting only at the area of symptom. For over 90% of painful conditions, the root causes are remote to the area of symptoms. When correctly identified and treated, we can then get instant and long-lasting results. Hence, we believe in a holistic approach to analyze every structure from head to toes so that we can consistently locate and address the root of your problem and restore homeostasis and health for you.

Chiropractic treatment

After a holistic approach to locate and analyze your condition, we will use a broad range of techniques to gently and effectively restore proper functions of your body so that you can return to what you love to do. Our techniques include spinal mobilization and adjustments, soft tissue release, dry needling and advanced technology.

Treatment and safety

Your safety is our primary concern. This is why we insist on a thorough assessment before treatment.
Our chiropractors will use gentle, safe, and effective techniques to precisely adjust your stiff joints and release your tight muscles while ensuring your comfort and preference.
All chiropractic treatments are considered relatively safe, compared to the side effects of medication, injection, or surgery. If you have any concerns, please speak to our chiropractors before treatment.

What can you expect in your first visit?

In the first session, our chiropractor will go through in-depth history taking and head-to-toe functional, physical and neurological examination. After understanding your condition, we will write you a report which explains the cause of your problem, the treatments you need, and how long it takes to achieve your goals. The initial visit usually takes around 40 minutes, depending on the complexity of the condition.


If you have any question

You can call (07-32738887) or email our chiropractor for any questions you may have before you book in your initial visit. We will endeavor to answer your questions.



  • 創傷或傷害
  • 重複動作
  • 持續(不良)姿勢
  • 情緒壓力
  • 退化……等等。


治療中最常見的錯誤是,治療時只針對症狀區域。事實上超過 90% 的疼痛案例,其根本病因並非在症狀區域,只有透過正確判斷與治療根本才能獲得有效並持久的結果。 因此,我們採用全方位診療方法,分析從頭到腳的每一個結構,全面的暸解後才能準確地診斷並解決問題的根源,為您恢復身體平衡和健康。




您的安全是我們最關心的問題。這就是為什麼我們堅持在治療前進行徹底的評估。 使用溫和、安全和有效的技術來調整您的僵硬關節,放鬆您的緊繃肌,也顧及您的需要與舒適度。 與藥物、注射或手術的副作用相比,臨床證實所有脊椎按摩療法都被認為是相對安全的。如果您有任何疑慮,請在治療前諮詢我們的脊醫。


在初次治療門診時,我們的脊醫將進行深入暸解您的病史、進行全身骨骼和神經系統檢查。在評估完成後,我們會為您準備一份報告,解釋問題的原因、您所需要的治療方法以及預估實現您的目標需要多長時間。初次就診通常需要大約 40 分鐘,具體取決於病情的複雜程度。



您可以致電 (07-32738887) 或發送電子郵件至我們的脊醫,以了解您在初次就診之前可能遇到的任何問題。我們將盡力回答您的問題。

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