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Pain-Free Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy provides treatment for disorders that affect your body’s movements whether it be muscles, joints or nerves. An injury in these structures can make everyday activities painful leaving you in a debilitating state. Physiotherapy aims to heal and restore the injured structures so that you can regain control of your life.

Physiotherapist are masters of movement and specialise in treating movement disorders. We listen to your concerns and evaluate your problems. We guide and involve you in the treatment process so that you truly understand your condition and it’s recovery.

  • Education and advice regarding your condition and anatomy involved.
  • Hands-on physical therapy treatment techniques to improve joint movement.
  • Various massage modalities to relieve muscle tension
  • Stretching techniques that will improve joint and muscle flexibility
  • Individually tailored exercise programs that target your specific dysfunction whether it be weakness, tightness, balance or coordination.
  • Exercise programs are monitored by our physiotherapists to ensure proper form and challenge.
  • Our physiotherapists will progress these exercises to further improve your capabilities in sports or work.
Physiotherapy Sunny Bank Hills

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