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Pre Employment Assessment

Pre-employment Assessment at Pain Free Physiotherapy

Pain Free Physiotherapy is the leading provider of pre-employment functional assessments in Southeast Brisbane with many workers from the meat labourer industry. One of the well- known organisations is Primo Hans.


A Pre-employment functional assessment is an objective assessment of a person’s ability to perform the essential physical demands of a job. Pain Free Physiotherapy is able to implement a standard functional musculoskeletal assessment provided by our physiotherapist, or we are able to tailor an assessment to your needs.

  • Improved worker productivity through reduced down time due to injury or illness.
  • Potential reduction in the cost of workers’ compensation premiums and reduced sick
  • Improved corporate reputation via proactive management risks.
    More efficient, less time-consuming hiring process.
  • Identify potential health/physical related issues that were not aware of
  • Understand the physical requirement of a role before accepting the employment.
  • Assessments ensure you are evaluated fairly and held to job-related standards that are free of bias or discrimination

We understand time is essence to all employers so fast delivery of pre employment assessment results is important. At Pain Free Physiotherapy you experience:


  • No long waiting times
  • Same or very next day reporting
  • Fast turnaround with accurate results
  • We speak multi-lingual languages (Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese)

To arrange a pre-employment assessment for your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 32738887 or toll free 1800 115 995

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