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Free Back Pain and Sciatica workshop

This FREE Event is for you!

Neck Pain and Headache Workshop Pain Free Physiotherapy

Learn How To Get Relief From Neck Pain and Headaches without Drugs or Surgery…

Free Workshops

Since April 2018,We have been running the free community workshop in our clinic at Brisbane every month. In doing so, we have helped thousands of people becoming pain free. Back pain and sciatica workshop has became our signature event, November 2020 we have added another workshop on another in-demand topic “Neck pain and Headache to help more people in need to learn and understand their pain and conditions

Rick Chiang on workshop

Benefits of Workshop

Many people had scans showing bulging disc, spondylolisthesis, degeneration, arthritis, pinched nerve…etc. Doctors told them that they would need medication, injection, or surgery for their conditions. However, in almost every workshop we demonstrated dramatic improvement on our guests and explained why we achieved the amazing result consistently. We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of people avoid unnecessary surgery. The benefits of attending the workshop, either in our clinic or online, includes:

  • Ask Rick questions about your conditions
  • Witness live demonstration that creates dramatic improvement
  • Understand the common mistakes of treatments and why people do not get better
  • Find out a way to be pain free without medication, injection or surgery
  • Receive a FREE copy of Rick’s book “The 5 Steps to Be Pain Free in 20 Minutes”
  • Receive a comprehensive initial assessment with Principal Rick for only $49 to put you in the right direction

What else can you get from attending this workshop?

Hopes restored and lives changed.
Many previous attendees have been to several other health practitioners without success and about to give up. Our workshop attendees have thanked us profoundly for how the workshop has given them hopes and changed their life..

Rick Chiang with Patient