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Podiatry & GaitScan

Podiatry & GaitScan™ Sunnybank Hills

Looking after our feet is important because we use them every day to move around and if a problem arises, it can greatly affect our overall quality of life and health. This is where podiatry can be of assistance. Podiatry is a field of study within health that focuses on the treatment and management of various common and rare lower limb musculoskeletal conditions, especially in the foot and ankle. Another area that podiatrists are able to assess is the biomechanics of a person’s gait (or in other words, how they walk) and as a result, they will be able to determine if you need to alter how you move around or if there is a need for orthoses.

  • Heel pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Lower limb muscle pain from overuse and imbalance
  • Knee pain
  • Bunions
  • Nail disorders such as an infection or ingrown toenail
  • Issues with the skin – Blisters, Warts, Calluses
  • Arthritis
  • Exercise prescription
  • Shoe recommendation
  • Education on gait and running after analysis
  • Custom orthotic production
  • Ingrown toenail surgery

At Pain Free Physio, our podiatrist can create orthotics that are customised in our clinic and can provide support to the problematic area or enhancing function and efficiency by adjusting the alignment of your foot in relation to the rest of the lower limbs (the hips and knees)

Our podiatrist, with the assistance of a Gaitscan is able to analyse if there is a change in the biomechanics of how you walk via measurements of foot pressure and if that is causing your condition (thus, impacting on your daily life).

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” 我們採用的GaitScan™系統是具有革命性意義的診斷工具,這系統能有效以數位的方式評估病患的人體力學。GaitScan™ 配備4096個壓力 感應器,以300Hz進行掃描(每秒掃描300次足部壓力樣本)。這些測量非常詳細地解釋了每位病患的足底力學,提供矯正和/鞋具的解決方案,這套系統對於治療提供了關鍵無價的資料。

TOG GaitScan™是最先進的步態分析系統,帶給您最頂尖的足部治療和病患教育。 TOG GaitScan™
這套 GaitScan™系統由TOG (The Orthotic Group) 研發。經多年研發該公司發展出這套高科技系統,致力於為下肢肌肉與骨骼病變的客戶設計足部矯正術和鞋子。



  • 準確診斷頑固的下肢病變
  • 提供專業的解釋和綜合性報告(包括3D立體圖)
  • 根據GaitScan™掃描結果與治療師的專業經驗,為客戶量身訂製足部矯正鞋墊或鞋具

GaitScan™ 能幫助治療師診斷以下疾病:

  • 慢性腰背痛
  • 骨盆關節疼痛
  • 髖關節疼痛
  • 膝關節疼痛
  • 跟腱炎(阿基里斯腱炎)
  • 腳跟和腳踝疼痛
  • 足底筋膜炎
  • 拇指外翻



現在就打電話或發郵件給我們,預訂GaitScan™ 檢查!