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Our Pain Free Physiotherapy Team

Rick Chiang Physiotherapy team

Mentor and Clinical Director

I love what I do. It’s an amazing experience to have a patient look at me and say ‘How did you do that!’

Stephanie Wu Physiotherapist


The most difficult and time-consuming issue is to find the “correct diagnosis”. This is not only…

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist - Albert Khan


Albert has extensive experience in sport injury management as a team physiotherapist for a soccer club…

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist - Celina Cheng


Don’t wait to take life back in your control.
I want everyone to be PAINFREE…

Physiotherapist - Quentin Hung


Having the chance to create a difference in someone’s life, to restore their hopes and dreams…

Zoe Or


If you have health, you have hope; and if you have hope,
you have everything…

Mr Sun Man Law


He has extensive experience working in private practice, private hospitals, Community home care…

Mr Seung Hyun


Having grown up in a family of doctors and health professionals, Seung inherited wealth of medical knowledge as well….

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