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Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement is a painful shoulder condition which involves abnormal narrowing of a space (also known as Subacromial Space) in the shoulder, especially when lifting your arm up. It is usually caused by irritation of structures within the Subacromial Space.

However, many conditions can mimic Shoulder Impingement, such as acromioclavicular joint injury, cervical radiculopathy and rotator cuff strain.

  • Repetitive overhead movement such as swimming and baseball
  • Repetitive lifting
  • Poor sitting posture especially when using computer and phones
  • Previous trauma such as falling on to shoulder
  • Shoulder pain with activity
  • Difficulty with lifting arm past your shoulder
  • Clicking sensation in shoulder
  • Comprehensive head-to-toe assessment to find out the causes of your discomfort and all related contributing factors
  • 100% Hands-on treatment to address any mobility issues related to nerves, muscles and joints
  • A postural brace may be prescribed to help support improve posture and reduce pain
  • An individualized home exercise program is prescribed to enable self-management

Generally, the longer you have had the injury, the longer it will take to recover.  Most of the time, you may assume things will get better by themselves with enough rest.  But this is rarely the case, especially if your pain or other symptoms are stopping you from doing what you normally able to do.  So, take action and get back doing what you love as soon as possible.


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