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Acute Wry Neck

Stuck Neck in the Morning

also known as Acute Wry Neck

It happens usually when you wake up in the morning and find yourself unable to move your neck due to pain and stiffness. It is mostly related to inflammation in structures of your neck such as joints, muscles and discs.

However, there are many conditions that can mimic Acute Wry Neck, such as rotator cuff strain, cervical radiculopathy and thoracic joint injury.

  • Poor sleeping posture usually related to position and height of pillow
  • Fall into sleep while watching your favourite late-night show
  • Poor neck posture in the daytime
  • Pain in the neck area
  • Very stiff neck (i.e. unable to turn your head and snooze your alarm)
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Comprehensive head-to-toe assessment to find out the causes of your discomfort and all related contributing factors
  • Prescription of a neck collar or a therapeutic pillow if necessary
  • 100% Hands-on treatment to help address any mobility issues related to nerves, muscles and joints
  • An individualized home exercise program is prescribed to enable self-management

Generally, the longer you have had the injury, the longer it will take to recover. Most of the time, you may assume things will get better by themselves with enough rest. But this is rarely the case, especially if your pain or other symptoms are stopping you from doing what you normally able to do. So, take action and get back doing what you love as soon as possible.


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