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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It refers to a painful condition at the palm side of your wrist and/or fingers which is often related to irritation of a nerve in your wrist. To delve into anatomy more, the nerve is called Median Nerve and locates in Carpal Tunnel of the wrist.

However, a lot of conditions can mimic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, such as tennis elbow, cervical radiculopathy and rotator cuff strain.

  • Working with vibrating tools
  • Prolonged gripping
  • Prolonged handwriting
  • Prolonged direct pressure to front of wrist (such as resting tor wrist on hard table)
  • Pain in your fingers and hand especially the thumb, index, middle or ring finger
  • Tingling or numbness in the same area above
  • Weakness in your hand and drop objects frequently
  • Comprehensive head-to-toe assessment to find out the causes of your discomfort and all related contributing factors
  • 100% Hands-on treatment to address any mobility issues related to nerves, muscles and joints.
  • A wrist splint may be prescribed to help support the joint and reduce pain
  • An individualized home exercise program is prescribed to enable self-management

Generally, the longer you have had the injury, the longer it will take to recover.  Most of the time, you may assume things will get better by themselves with enough rest.  But this is rarely the case, especially if your pain or other symptoms are stopping you from doing what you normally able to do.  So, take action and get back doing what you love as soon as possible.


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