Physio hurts his wrist?

Physio hurts his wrist?

As a physio and a regular gym goer, I am not immune to wrist injuries when pulling weights in the gym.

I remember that sharp pain that shot through my wrist every time I put weight on it. Is my career at stake? 

What did I do to make my wrist hurt? After COVID restrictions had eased, I realised that it was from suddenly returning to sports that increased my risk of injury. 

Not only that, but suddenly increasing the weight that I was not used to. That forces my wrist to be in awkward positions and then injury happens. 

What did I do then?

Changing wrist positioning to stop my wrist from bending too much took most of the pain away. I could do push-ups on bars or dumbbells keeping the wrist straight. But I could still feel that wrist pain slowly creeping in.

I also found that using wrist wraps helped to secure my wrist which also helped me with getting back to heavier weights. 

Away from the gym, I made sure to keep the wrist safe from sudden twists or bends. Rest was a major factor to allow my wrist to recover. 

It’s not just exercise that you can get wrist pain from, but it could be from other work related tasks, repetitive movements or trauma. 

So if you suffer from wrist pain and aren’t able to manage it yourself, contact our clinic on (07) 3273 8887 or book online at for a detailed assessment.

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