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Have you ever worried excessively about your deadline for work or school assignment?


Have you ever stressed about your relationship with spouse, family, friends or work colleague?


Have you experienced headache, insomnia, neck or back pain that keep coming back despite treatment?


Many physical symptoms (e.g. headache, neck and back pain) are manifestation of mental issues such as anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Our body is like a storage similar to a fridge. If you put a banana in a fridge and leave it there for one week, you may still recognise it. However, if you leave the banana in the fridge for 1 year, 10 years or longer, you will not recognise it as the banana. The banana has manifested in another form that you cannot recognise.


Similarly, when you experienced a stressful event in life, initially you may recognise that as anger or other form of emotions. However, as you leave the emotion in your body without resolving it, over time it will manifest in a different form such as headache, neck or back pain, insomnia, anxiety, or personality disorders…etc.


Only when we dig out the root and resolve it with the right tools can we free ourselves from pain and suffering. Our psychologist’s role is to work with you, offer you different perspectives, develop a strategy and give you the tools to breakthrough your barrier and empower you on your life journey.


Mental health plays an integral part to the overall health and well-beings. In today’s fast-paced society, almost every person experiences varying degrees of mental stress. Common sources of stress are relationship, money, health, and work…etc and our psychologist can guide you through the labyrinth of life.


If you want to release your negative emotions and find freedom, talk to our psychologist and let us hold your hands along the journey. Farida found that as long as the person is willing to work together with the therapist, positive improvements can be made even in situations which may seem at first without hope.

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