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Chiropractic Care Sunnybank Hills

Chiropractic Care

Precise, Reproducible, Outcome-measurable and Sustainable

Our Chiro utilizes a range of in-depth protocols that involve the integration of precise chiropractic assessment techniques and detailed neurological examinations.

These examination techniques are able to identify dysfunctions of the spine, pelvis, extremities, cranium, and muscle groups with respect to their connections with the brain. It can help to differentiate a true fault from compensation and pinpoint the exact location to make an adjustment, thus proving that there are predictable, reproducible, sustainable, and outcome measurable clinical results.

Gentle, Fast, and Effective

The adjustment itself is very gentle and can be easily tolerated even by newborn babies. Immediately following the treatment, you will see a marked difference in your bodily function, which can include increased range of motion and muscle strength as the interference to your nervous system has been removed.

Remove layers and Tracing back to the core

Patterns of fault occur in layers – just like the skin of an onion. The outer layers need to be peeled away before reaching the deeper layers and in turn, the core. This protocol aims to trace back all the faulty patterns that an individual accumulates in the past by removing them one by one. Consequently, this will restore function, reduce physical stress and eventually eliminate your symptoms. This is beneficial to patients with chronic and recurrent problems and many of our patients reported that their life-long symptoms were resolved after a course of treatment with us.

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