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Ms. Melody Sha


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Ms. Melody Sha

Speech Pathologist

Melody graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP) of Speech Pathology Australia. She has had extensive experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as children with speech and language delay. Melody has also had clinical experience in hospitals working elderly patients with swallowing and language difficulties. She has a special interest in working with culturally and linguistically diverse children with English as a second language. Melody is fluent in both English and Chinese.

Melody holds certifications in the following therapy programs and techniques, but uses a combination of research-based approaches when working with clients to suit each individual’s needs:

  • Hanen- It Takes Two to Talk Program: for young children with language delays or late talkers
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Level 1: for people who have difficulty with spoken words
  • Cued Articulation – method to help people with speech and articulation difficulty

Children with:

  1. Speech production and articulation difficulties
  2. Expressive and receptive language delay
  3. Literacy (reading, spelling and writing)
  4. English as a Second Language (ESL) requiring assistance in language and speech
  5. Voice dysfunction and teaching vocal hygiene
  6. Fluency and stuttering
  7. Swallowing difficulties

Adults with:

  1. Aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, degenerative diseases
  2. Swallowing impairments
  3. Voice impairments
  4. English as a Second Language (ESL) aiming for increased intelligibility in spoken language

Melody is passionate about being able to provide a Chinese speaking speech pathology service to the Asian community in Brisbane’s southside and promoting the importance of speech and language development from a young age. Melody enjoys travelling and play.


Melody 是由昆士蘭大學語言治療系畢業的言語治療師,也是澳洲語言治療協會的成員。她是布里斯本極少數精通中英文雙語的語言治療師,並清楚了解中西方文化與價值觀。 Melody 擁有豐富的兒童語言治療經驗, 也擅長與自閉症兒童以及有特殊需要的孩子互動。她使用臨床專業知識,針對孩子和家庭的需要來調整和量身打造治療方法。她對於英語作為第二語言的兒童語言發展特別有興趣




  1. 構音和發音困難
  2. 語言發育遲緩,語言表達和理解困難
  3. 識字(閱讀,拼寫和寫作)
  4. 英語作為第二語言的發音問題(ESL )
  5. 嗓音(聲帶問題)
  6. 語言流暢性和口吃
  7. 吞嚥困難


  1. 中風, 頭部外傷, 退化性疾病 等引起之失語症、言語失調康復
  2. 吞嚥障礙
  3. 嗓音(聲帶問題)
  4. 英語作為第二語言(ESL)


Melody熱衷於能夠提供在布里斯班南區的亞洲人一個講中文的言語治療服務並且希望促進父母親對於孩子發音和語言發展的重要性。 Melody喜歡旅遊,吹長笛和彈鋼琴。