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Online Physio Consult

Online Physio Consult

In the wake of the COVID-19 Virus, the Government has announced a series of measure to help stop the spread of this mad virus. We want to reassure everyone that our clinic is still open at this stage and we are taking stringent measures to ensure our premise is safe, clean and hygienic for all our staff and clients. For those who are still under quarantine or simply don’t feel safe leaving home, we are introducing Online Physio Consult so that you can continue to access quality assessment and treatment throughout this time.

How does it work?

Very similar to our regular consultation in the clinic, our physiotherapist will ask you a series of questions about your symptoms, how it impacts your movements or other activities, your general health and so forth to help us understand your condition. To help you get the most from the session, you will be asked to complete an Assessment Form prior to video consultation.

Next, your physiotherapist will guide you through a range of movement assessments and testing via online video app. The online video app we prefer to use is PhysiApp. If you have difficulty downloading PhysiApp, we tend to use Zoom as it does not require downloading.

Based on the assessment, your physiotherapist will formulate a treatment plan specific to your needs and convey it to your computer via written report, online video and to your smart phone via our PhysiApp.

And rest assured, if we feel that you need to see a “Real physiotherapist” or other health professional ‘face-to-face’, we will certainly let you know.

While this may seem very different to the treatment you are used to, it is well recognized that hands-on therapy is only one small component of treatment. The right knowledge, self-management strategies and progressive exercise programs are mostly important for a successful recovery. There are now more than 70 research articles supporting online rehabilitation demonstrates even better outcome for a specific group of population.

Online Physio Consult is suitable for:

  • After a structured rehabilitation program with a focus on exercise and self-care
  • Don’t feel safe going outside home due to recent Coronavirus outbreak
  • Living in a remote area of Australia where access to healthcare is difficult
  • Currently overseas and cannot get access to health care service
  • Don’t have time to come to the clinic and would prefer to be looked after from your own home
  • After a second opinion
  • Don’t like massages or people prodding and poking you


Answer: Please do not worry. If you are finding it difficult to download software, open our online video platform and so forth, just call us on 1800 115 995 / 0421 333 609, one of our friendly staffs will go through the process with you step by step.

Answer: We treat many musculoskeletal injuries. Basically, if you feel pain/ discomfort/ something not right anywhere in your body, we will be able to help. But if we find out that your situation or injury is not at all suitable for an Online Physio Consult, we will let you know, and refund the cost of the consultation. If you are not sure whether your injury is suitable for a consultation or not, just contact us on 1800 116 996 / 0421 333 609 or email us at

Answer: Insurance companies are starting to provide rebates for online health consultations in some circumstances. Ask your private health insurance provider if they are happy to provide rebates for online physiotherapy consultations. We can provide an invoice for you to issue to your insurance provider.

Choose Your Package



  • Interview Questionnaire for patient to explain condition to physio prior the appointment
  • Based on the information, physio prepares materials for consultation
  • 45 mins Video Initial consultation x1 includes:
    • Clarify conditions
    • Physical examinations
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment Plan
    • Education
    • Therapeutic Exercises (Active treatment which mimics the effects of hands-on treatment by therapists)
    • Reassess – modify treatment
  • Video follow-up consult x1
  • Communicate with your physiotherapist daily over the duration of your subscription (via chat platform or email).



  • Everything in $200 package plus
  • Up to x4 follow up video consult over the duration (each consult 30 mins)