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Does Back Pain plague your day to day living?

Don't Suffer in silence, make your life Pain Free with us and stop that back pain from affecting your lifestyle!

See how we can bring you the relief from your back pain that you have been looking for.

Back Pain isn't something you should have to simply deal with.

Find out about back pain and how we at Pain Free Physio can help alleviate it.


What is back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common problems experienced by our patients here at Painfree Physio and affects approximately 80 per cent of people at some point in their life.

Back pain can be caused by a variety of different sources, such as poor posture at work, or even simple day to day tasks. Each with varying levels of pain ranging from back strain to severe structural problems.

Our therapists can help with a broad range of back conditions, including:

  1. 1

    Lower back pain

  2. 2


  3. 3
    Prolapsed disc
  4. 4
    Lumbar Spondylosis (Osteoarthritis)
  1. 5
    Postural back pain
  2. 6
    Muscle injury
  3. 7
    (SIJ)Tendon injury
  4. 8
    Thoracic pain
  1. 9

    Nerve root pain

  2. 10
    Muscular spasm/tightness
  3. 11
    Disc bulge
  4. 12
    Lumbar facet joint pain
  5. 13
    Sacro-iliac joint pain 

Advanced Treatment System

We practice an advanced system known as the Ridgeway Method. A ground-breaking technique that looks at the full state of your body.

Constantly Advancing

All our practitioners attend weekly development sessions mentored by Principal Rick Chiang and Dr Johnson Huang to ensure our patients gets the best quality care possible.

Gaitscan & 3D Foot Scan

We use a high-tech computerised Gaitscan and 3D foot scan to accurately analyse problems with your feet. We then tailor a solution specially for your condition to ensure the best possible result.

Free yourself from backpain with Pain Free Physio!
Free yourself from backpain with Pain Free Physio!

How Can Pain Free Physio Help Me?

A session at Painfree Physio will begin with a diagnosis of your back issue, as a wide variety of issues can cause back pain, including overstretching, twisting awkwardly, poor posture, lifting objects incorrectly, inherited spinal deformity and more.

It is imperative to get to the root of the problem so that we can carefully put together a bespoke and productive course of treatment that is suited to your needs.

Physiotherapy is the preferred course of treatment for most people that suffer from back pain, as they are able to improve mobility and manage pain without needing to take any drugs, which makes it a much safer approach that delivers outstanding results.

We will use a mixture of strengthening and stretching exercises with hands-on manipulation to alleviate pain, reduce stress and help get you back into your prime!

Don't let your pain linger any further!


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